Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Apologies. Translated poorly by http://www.systranbox.com (but it gives some idea!)

During several years, Åsa's agencies have acted by a sensible kind's back of film and scene. In the series “study's traveled film”, with agencies that “Midget&Shit” and “The woodsat twilight”, built scenes of scenografier and still. “Touch it! Fairy electrical it! Love it!” is a perfomance and installation on Färgfabriken last winter that comprized a scene construction with light, pressure materials, post offices' and elements from earlier appearance. In instatallationen played Åsa with your band “Revlon9”.

In your first separate exhibition shows now Åsa Cederqvist the film - Mr X.

Mr. X associates we normally with a big section in some evening newspaper and a scramblad portrait picture. X farms to have connection to the lower or the very the topmost world. Åsa Cederqvists Mr X concerns itself in the (lower) unconscious and the (upper) the superficial world. The surface is his instruments that X uses in order to try to reflect your unconscious and to define your longing after eroticism.

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