Monday, June 19, 2006


I thought I'd let you all know...........
Friends and people of the free world,
dramatic, yes, but this warrants it.

Just so happens my passport expired last week. Hate the thought of not being able to leave this rock at will, so got onto the form filling of getting a new one quick but couldn't send it off with my nice new mugshots without checking out whether the government was sneakily going to stick all my biometric details, hair colour, fave beer, who I do and I don't on there without asking. I figured that for £51, they must be doing something fancy. But I'm in luck. Just. In October this year it becomes complusory to sign up to the new id card system whenever renewing an adult British passport, or applying for the first time. It will set you back a cool £91 and will mean you are automatically an official participant in a nightmare Orwell would've been proud of. Dramatic again, but I feel strongly on this one.

I urge you all to check out this site and consider renewing your passports before then.

You can do it even if its no where near expiry and the IPS will just add any extra time you have onto your new little book signed by the Queen. It'll cost you £40 less and gives you 10 more years without an id card, or until they come round knocking trying to make us all sign up, at which point, I'll get back to ya....

Love!!!! Kate xxxxxxxxxx

It is not too late. The UK IPS has not yet changed passport renewal procedures so, this summer, NO2ID and a growing number of other organisations* ask that you renew your passport.

Did you know that, from October of this year, as preparation for the ID scheme, ALL first-time passport applicants will have background checks and be interviewed by officials at one of the government's 69 new 'enrolment centres'? This will include your children as they reach 16. Before long it will include you too, when you renew your passport. And you will be fingerprinted as well.

So, unless you need it soon, you should renew your passport NOW. If you wait till autumn, you risk giving up personal data to be used for the government identity database. Pay £51 for a 10-year passport while you can. The charge for ID registration and a record for life will be at least £93. The website explains in more detail. There's a fact-sheet there that you can download and pass on to others.

If you are put on the ID system, you will be exposed immediately to all the dangers, explained here. It could be sooner than you think.

Show the government how many people want to stay out of the ID scheme, and buy time while NO2ID works to abolish it. Say "No" now. Renew your passport this Summer.