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The Art and Politics of Netporn
October 7-8, 2005 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Institute of Network Cultures in Collaboration with Katrien Jacobs.

In October 2005, we will organize a gathering for multiple reactions and reflections on netporn as daily ingredient of network culture. What do we mean by netporn? A complex net of interactive environments, netporn is social-economic traffic between large corporations and fringe cultures, between ISP’s and clients, stars and audiences. Netporn is blogging, camming, chatting, forwarding or linking, binging on portals, confession boards, mailing lists, zines. Does netporn corroborate the pact between technological experiment and hedonism? What are the dark sides of netporn economies? What do we want to try out with the ‘enhanced G-spot’? Debate means recognizing and re-drawing the contours of hype and hysteria, of polemics and polarization, discussing traffic as local and global phantasms, or cross-fertilization between economy, desire and art/queer politics.

Graduating from porn as smooth plunge into the Matrix, we see netporn as nets of industries and aesthetics with huge impact on cultures and the law. As netporn is globally more available to net users, specific groups and users are more actively being surveilled by ISP's, or censored by nation-state governments. What is left for scholars and artists to do with the rhetoric of ‘crime and punishment’? Can we investigate how these industries actually work and make imaginative sketches to go beyond the censorship climate?

Netporn is an intricate fabrication of desires and mechanisms of repression. Scholars and artists are invited to take a position in this unprecedented gathering. We are looking for new openings, new definitions of pornography, based on multiple commentaries, porn theory as solo path or collaborative eroticism. Can we take a tactical media approach to netporn for belly wisdom and processing media histories? As Matteo Pasquinelli ponders in ‘Warporn Warpunk! Autonomous Videopoesis in Wartime,’ we now seek war and torture news as grinning monkey, as media makers, can we still nurture our inner beasts and media intellects? Many of us can speak of netporn, prone as we are to sexual teasers and marketing, but we want to read signs on the wall into deeper sites and economies, to frame attitudes and responses.

For instance, we could open a Fund for Internet Porn Researchers (FIPR) to archive netporn phenomena and communications. FIPR would encourage researchers to submit credit card information, explore porn traffic and communication, and come back to share reflections. FIPR is interested in social-economic analysis, in industry critque and ‘averse’ or ‘active’ consumption by researchers who may not ordinarily buy products.

Waves of netporn censorhip have a clear affect on artistic freedom and show that porn researchers have to discuss pornographic traffic that leads to societal grid-lock. We would like to engage in discussions of freedom of speech, (self) censorhip and government/institutional surveillance of net traffic, of sex cultures and networked minorities. Internet pornography thrives on image regimes of ‘cruelty’—besides lack of civil rights and unions for sex workers—a wide-spread creation of appetite for violence, terrorism, war on innocence and sexual otherness, openness. The issue is to turn pornography as cold flesh industry on its head, using the gathering as a springboard for theoretical outpours, poetic visions, desires and encounters as politics.

Please contact us with art and ideas about the following areas:

* History: Media archeology and interface studies of netporn, computer gaming, porn animations, erotic manga comics, porno-chic in music, netporn as navigation, as database management, state-of-the art, P2P porn, netporn as amateurization of culture

* Traffic: Netporn geographies, social-economic ‘traffic’, e-commerce and business management, Internet Service Providers, shifting porn markets, , global/local porn mapping

* Transfer: Renaissance of porno theory, porn and sex education, anti-net-porn as gate-keeper, netporn as renewed political debate

* Psycho-landscape: children on netporn, confessions boards, net addictions/passions, porn and war imagery, porn and love/peace activism, net and sexual ecstasy, subculture & surveillance studies, porn and paranoia

* Censorship/regulation: Internet censorship and porn/sex operations, globalization and local reactions, (dys)function models of regulation, political role of ISP’s, adult domain

* Gender/Queer politics: Autonomy/manufacturing of toys and bodies, the net and sexual orientation, communities/ghettos and collaboration, politics and rights of online sexworkers, women/queer entrepreneurs

Please send your ideas to info AT networkcultures DOT org

FORMAT: NO more papers or panels. No more blind reviews.

Send us ideas for presentations, individual or collective proposals, suggest new conference formats. Participation in the porno-wiki highly encouraged. Conference will consist of multiple presentations and debate with audience, art show, texts will be archived in advance, circulated to participants, with your daily load of netporn.

::Text by Katrien Jacobs::

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