Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Introducing Chantelle Houghton!

Our favorite new chav is one of the many contestants competing in Celebrity Big Brother, currently airing in England and co-starring Traci Bingham and Dennis Rodman

In real-life, Chantelle, 22, works as a Paris Hilton impersonator, but the producers of Celebrity Big Brother hired her to pretend to be the lead singer of a nonexistent girl group, called Kandyfloss, and make the other celebs in the house believe that she is truly a real celeb like them.

"People have been commenting on her likeness to Paris Hilton for years," says a pal of Chantelle's. "We call her Paris Travelodge because she is the Essex version of the real thing. She's a nice girl, if a bit ditzy. She just wants to be famous." And, she may just be that when she exits the Big Brother house.

Notorious womanizer Rodman has already welcomed - quite warmly - the Paris clone into the house. The pair have been seen lying in bed holding hands and later Dennis grabbed Chantelle and carried her, giggling, into the shower.

A star is born!

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