Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Born: 04/04/87
Birthplace: Manchester (Crumpsall Hospital)

Height: 5ft 4
Weight: 8 stone 4
Bust: 34c
Waist: 25
Hips: 34

Hair: blonde
Eyes: blue

features: All-round goddess-like beauty, amazing
flexibility. No silicon
implants or plastic surgery. Still single.

Chemical Symbol: dont know wot this means!!!

Drinking Habits: tee-total!!!

Known weaknesses: fall in love too easily!!!

The Questions

Q: Who are you? Gemma

Q: Did you go to college? City College Manchester, I have a BTEC in Dance!!!

Q: Where can you be found? in Rochdale!!!

Q: I hear there are some pix of you available online? On FHM website and max power and page3.com!!!

Q: Have you any plans for future shoots? If i win Page3 then definitly if not then I will keep applying to FHM and get an agent

Q: How did you get involved in nude modelling? I sent off my picture to the sun and got through to the final!!!

Q: Can I find any other interviews online? Nope this is an exclusive ha!

Q: Amazing! youre still single - how can this be? Im very picky!!! and im newly single!!!

Q: Have you got a fan club? Well i have now i think ha

Q: Is there a mailing list or newsgroup? nope not yet!!!

Q: Are there any sites devoted, or dedicated to you? no, i wish!!!

Q: Ever kissed/made love to a girl?? Ive kissed a girl but not properly!!!!

Q: Whats your favourite food?? chicken!!!

Q: Whats your favourite sexual position/fantasy? depends wot mood im in but normally from behind!!!

Q: Ever cheated on a partner? never, im a good girl!!

Q: Who,Whats? your ideal partner? Paul Walker (from fast and furious) if not then tall, dark n handsome

Q: How long was your longest relationship? 20 months!!!

Q: why did you split up? He didn't have time for me!!!

Q: How do you stay so fit? I used to dance and i go to the gym

Q: Modellings a tough job, how have you found it so far? Are the industry
people letches or good to work with? Well i really enjoyed the page3 shoot as they really help you and put you at ease n the other girls are dead nice.

Q: Ever thought of setting up a modeling agency? not really as im not even a model yet!!!

Q: Any secret Desires?? cant tell you that!!

Q: your last dirty thought was? being on holiday with my ex!!!

Q: would you pose for life drawing or private photography? erm, no

Q: your favourite food, what, can you cook? erm, i cant cook!!! i can only make beans on toast ha

Q: your favourite music? All music!! depends what mood im in but mainly Usher, Mariah Carey, Christina etc

Q: Your ideal company/(see ideal partner)? Bradd Pitt n Paul Walker

Q: Can you sing/dance? I can definitely dance n im ok at singing

Q: When you go clubbing you go where? Manchester - Printworks, deansgate etc

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