Tuesday, December 06, 2005

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K8 Wig said...

Hey Jim - bloody hell that article about dude scanning mobiles with his laptop whilst just walking around a supermarket is pretty freaky! Where'd you find it? Good job there are some journalists out there to tell us about this shite eh? Really makes you think about all the stuff we still don't know about..... Got to be quick, just written big daft blog on my site, but check out my review of the Ian Brown gig at the MEN t'other week:


and my interview with David Bailey photographer extraordinaire too, if you fancy it, not sure if you're a fan, and he was a bit of a tool, but says some funny stuff:


And can I ask you something? How'd you get your blog to be all fancy and black and chic and stuff? Apart from being fancy and chic yourself of course... And how do you make links light up in blue when you post them? Your wisdom on these subjects would be most appreciated. Must really get on with some work! See you nxt week luv. K xx